Essay about Revenge Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller

Essay about Revenge Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a historic piece of writing that expresses the true effect that revenge can cause.Yet despite the time difference we see the same acts of revenge taken place in the crucible happening in the present day. There is no aging out of vengeances. Although vengeance can be seen as a way to gain power, it is actually a dangerous force due to its ability to take over one’s life, drives a person go to deadly extremes, and in some cases can tear apart a community.
Although in some cases vengeance is thought to be calculated action, it is a truly dangerous force because the need for revenge can over take one’s life. Revenge acts like addiction, the need to be have the last word becomes an uncontrollable compulsion. Sometime dragging out for years and years because the obsessive need becomes too great to ignore. Revenge play a big role in the Salem Witch Trials. The severity of the trails and it affects are expressed by John Proctor’s view on the power given to the girls “I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem- vengeance is walking Salem” (Miller 73). Although the trails started as a way to keep the girls out of trouble when they saw that they were able to get revenge on people who have wronged them the trials become bigger and bigger. Another prime example of revenge is Abigail throughout the trials she was waiting for the perfect time to accuse Elizabeth Proctor. She accused and kill innocent people just to work out a master plan of getting revenge on Elizabeth for coming between her and John. When talk to John she expresses her despise of Elizabeth stating ”She is blackening my name in the village! She is telling lies about me! She is a cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her! Let her turn you lik...

... middle of paper ... Islamic practices and dismissing their own faiths. The need to revenge this teaching cause a community to turn against one another to a point that authorities to believe there was a threat to the school as well as its students and facility. As seen revenge even in small doses can tear apart a community and eventually led to a feelings of distrust and fear.
Vengeance no matter what reason or what time period causes the same kind of hysteria. The need for revenge is something that will alway be present, there no escaping it. What one need to learn is to rise above it. To realize the bad that vengeance cause, the destruction and pain. The fact that it can rip apart a community, or cause people to do thing out of character. Yet until there is a perfect human race where no one’s feeling are ever hurt or no one get mad revenge with alway be waiting around the corner.

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