Essay on `` Revenge `` By Francis Bacon

Essay on `` Revenge `` By Francis Bacon

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People say that doing something to a person that made bad to you is an alternative to get that feeling that he had what he deserved too, but what about if all that retaliation or revenge ends up in bad terms and in bad conditions? We don’t think about reality itself, about what my happen if I do this or what may happen if I do that, but all though thinking ad a human being makes us seek for that interest and that revenge and submission to portray the other person that he did wrong. Some people say that our life is about revenge, that the best revenge in life is keep living and being successful. Making the people who hurt you pay for what they have done is only an option, but we do not really show this, why? Because there are more factors that affect us and become more important for us than our own satisfaction of accomplishing something but we just don’t realize it because it’s something more deep in our souls. Francis Bacon in “Of Revenge” shares how revenge performs itself through our soul and through our mind, how revenge in fact might be satisfying for humans but although it will leave us with a scar and there will be a regret in our decision, making us understand how Vega in “Spanish Roulette” Sixto vows revenge against a local gang member who raped his sister and battles with himself to make the right choice. Bacon’s story deals completely with what Vega tries to explain in his story and reveals how revenge takes over the person’s mind and how that same revenge can become something unwanted.
In the story “Spanish Roulette,” Vega tells us a story about a man who finds out her sister has been victim of rape by a kid who comes from a very known family, he fights against his fear trying to put in his head that the only important...

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... what he wanted to do and helps him understand that reaction like that won’t take him far. Bacon 's side part of making us understand the reading is that revenge is an insult of the law, but the act of revenge is outside the law. Instantly applying to a sense of moral, that is to be superior, Bacon also helps us understand more by throwing more points out: that ignoring a wrong makes a man superior to the person who committed the first wrong. And, in an attempt to add common sense to the mix of reasons, Bacon points out that wise men have enough to do with the present and the future. Which is shown in the text of Ed Vega when Willie, his friend, talks him out and explains to him that he has to live in the present and look forward to his future, because revenge won’t solve anything but it will bring problems to him and more situations that he won’t be able to control.

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