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Revenge And Redemption : Revenge Essay

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Revenge is a fairly strong emotion; it’s wanting to retaliate towards those who wronged you. Revenge is such an uncontrollable way of retaliation that it can result in a destructive outcome or carried out successfully. Although the results may vary, revenge sums up to one thing which is pain of some sort, affecting both parties or just one. Throughout history we see many tales of revenge and redemption. Often revenge does leave the one carrying it out feeling victorious but this can suddenly change as the process of karma generally begins in some tales.

When we see these types of stories we are usually on the person wanting revenges side, for example a woman whose child was tragically assaulted by an unidentified male and her seeking revenge. A majority wouldn 't oppose her revenge due to the emotion that situation brings out of us basically we are showing a sense of understanding rather than judgement. Now you switched perspectives and find out her child was an eighteen year old male (not a small little kid) and the assailant was a homeless man that her son tried to fight due to him being intoxicated. Your understanding may stay the same, but could indeed shift now on whether her revenge is all that necessary or just.

In Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein this concept of revenge is used very well while offering perspective from the two main characters. We are introduced to Victor who is found by Robert Walton, now when Victor begins to retell his tragic story he gives us a general view of who he is, where he was born, and what has happened in his life. We then progress through the story and arrive at the rising action which is when Victor returns back to school after his mother’s death and sisters recovery of scarlet fever. Victor...

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...e movies we have seen this. Revenge like I have stated before can be carried out successfully and reasonably a very great portion of the time, but not all the time. Not everyone will see revenge as a necessity though so its reason may be just but some can attempt to take the high road, this is what may avoid these consequences in certain situations such as the story Frankenstein revenge did nothing for him .

So yes revenge can be quite destructive and uncontrollable if one gets out of hand such as the monster in Frankenstein or Carrie, and even result in a bittersweet ending such as Sleepers. Though our desire for revenge may be very great we have to really look back asses if this is worth the time the effort and even go against our own morals. Revenge may not always be fair in the end such as this book or these movies but in the end someone is always

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