Revealed and Unrevealed Scriptures of the Bible Essay

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There are some simple distinctions in God’s Word that are important to understand in order to learn the Bible accurately. You can classify Scripture into two categories (revealed and unrevealed), based on whether or not a full explanation is given within the specific passage. The unrevealed Scriptures are:

• The types and shadows of the Old Testament (Typology)
Moses represented the Law and was never meant to enter into the Promised Land. Joshua represented Salvation (as does Jesus) and led the people into the Promised Land (The Kingdom)
• The stories and parables of the four Gospels
A parable is a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. Jesus often taught in parables. The root meaning of the word parable means a placing side by side for the sake of comparison. A parable envisions the whole narrative to generate the spiritual message, whereas a proverb, metaphor, or figure of speech focuses generally on a word, phrase or sentence. Parables identify a narrative with a spiritual meaning.
• The symbols of Revelation
Signs, Imagery, Indications

The Old Testament, the Gospels, and Revelation are not self-interpreting. They need an explanation from other portions of the Word. By contrast, the teachings in the book of Acts and the Epistles are revealed Scriptures. They are intended to be understood without necessary reference to other passages of Scripture.

There are four divisions of the New Testament:
• The four Gospels
• The Book of Acts
• The Epistles (Romans to Jude)
• Revelation (also an Epistle, but a book of prophecy)

Scripture must be compared with Scripture. The Bible presents al...

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We are greatly protected from false doctrine when we understand the various divisions of God’s Word. We can compare any teaching to the revealed Word, and if it harmonizes with the Bible, we are safe in accepting it as truth. But if it is not in harmony with the Bible when dealing with the doctrine of the New Testament church, particularly with the teaching of Acts and the Epistles, we can reject it, knowing we are not turning away a truth.

Most of the great doctrines that have caused so much controversy are easily settled by the revealed Word. Until people are willing to lay down all contrary doctrine and accept the simple, revealed teaching of the apostles as given in the Book of Acts and the Epistles, there will not be unity among professing Christians. For if the apostles were not right, where can we turn to find someone who is right?

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