Revamping The Texas Government System At The Judicial Level Essay

Revamping The Texas Government System At The Judicial Level Essay

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Revamping the Texas Government System at the Judicial Level
Is Texas government at the state level operating as an antiquated 19th century institution and should it be revamped to address the needs and wants of the 21st century population? This is a question that has long plagued the government and people of Texas, especially at the judicial level. The Texas Judicial system is “responsible for securing liberty and equality under the law” (Champagne and Harpham 277) for the people of Texas. However, the outdated ways in which the Texas Judicial system operates is not beneficial to its people, this is notably evident in the way judges are elected, the judicial politics that follow and the confusing court systems.
A prevailing question that often arises is whether judges should be appointed or elected? In federal courts, judges are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. This, however; is not how it is done in Texas. “Texas is one of only seven states that elect judges in partisan elections.” (289) At the federal level, however, because judges are appointed to their offices “they do not have to cater to public opinion and are empowered to interpret the law as they see fit, without fear of reprisal at the polls” (277) and many Texans think this is advantageous, while others feel the opposite. Judges in Texas are elected in partisan elections. In a partisan election the party affiliation of a candidate is placed on the ballot for the voters to see and in many cases can create an unfair advantage. An unfair advantage to partisan elections becomes apparent when voters strictly vote by party affiliation, in so doing, they rarely take into
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...y’s transportation is no longer an issue for most Texans, making the reduction of courts a plausible reform. This reform alone would help to reduce costs and make it possible for the remaining courts to have the funds needed to hear more cases. Lack of money in many districts and counties has created a pick and choose kind of system when deciding what cases should be prosecuted. In some instances this has allowed many criminals to repeatedly get away with crimes he or she knows they will never be tried for.
Over many years Texas has changed and evolved into a powerful state, however, the Texas Judicial system has not kept up with the times. As the reader can see from the examples given, it is abundantly clear that the Texas Judicial system is an antiquated 19th century institution and should be revamped to address the needs and wants of the 21st century population.

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