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Almost forty years ago, man landed on the moon for the first time and almost forty years later, man has not been on the moon since. Now the question is posed, should man make an effort to go back to the moon to discover new things with our new technology and verify what we have discovered since our absence? Or, is it not worth it, and is it just a waste of money. With NASA wanting to go to the moon in 2020, an answer needs to be given.
It does not appear to be worth sending a manned mission to the moon in the near future, not until we get some plans in order. It has only been thirty eight years. In the whole reign of space time, anything less than one hundred years is not even a blink in the span of time, and thirty eight years is half of that. Not much changes in that time. Not even the foot prints that astronauts have left are gone because there is no wind. We cannot expect any new life to have developed, nor anything to changed geographically that we cannot observe from down here on earth.
Any mission to the moon would just be a waste of the tax payers money, since NASA is funded by the government. It would just be a new chance to send up a new bunch of expensively trained astronauts up to the moon so this current generation has something important they can carry on with them into their life so they can talk about it for years to come.
NASA is not a bad program at all. There are many things that the program has integrated from their research that people now use on an everyday basis. Many people golf, and the dimple design on the golfballs are from NASA (Gauthier). With the increasing number of memory foam mattresses being sold, that is another way that NASA has come into the lives of the American citizen.
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