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Returning From Deployment Overseas Essay example

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After returning from deployment overseas, veterans trying to return to civilian life are faced with numerous challenges, such as reconnecting with family and friends, dealing with any mental or physical injuries, and figuring out how to move forward with their lives. In regards to figuring out how to move forward with life, attaining a job might seem like an easy goal, given that soldiers are trained to do a wide variety of things from maintaining composure under pressure, to performing emergency medical procedures. Upon attempting to rejoin the work force veterans often discover that the availability of jobs is dictated by the caliber of paperwork they possess, and the size of their professional network, and these new veterans would come to find out that their deployment isolated them from the changes back home, and their experiences out in the field would not directly correlate into viable credentials. Because of this veterans seeking jobs in the civilian sector are instead coming to the realization that the time they spent during deployment is not only a void in their employment history, but also a burden on their chances for employment, and can be detrimental to their quality of life.
In an article, published in the Citizen-Times during the 2014 year, that interviews a veteran couple it is stated that, “Worthington, 28, and a former staff sergeant, applied to just about every job imaginable, and Ledford, 29, said she’s been denied seasonal work at a home improvement store. One store even told Worthington not to mention his veteran status”(Boyle). These two veterans recalling their experience with trying to get a job in the civilian sector is an experience that is also shared by many other veterans, so much so that there are b...

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...rable to self-destruction”(Montgomery).
All together the prevalence of veterans unable to attain employment can be related to the weaker strength of their ability to network caused by deployment overseas, the inability to translate military skills into skills that employers are seeking, the increase of educational requirements for many jobs, and the generalization that all soldiers have some form of PTSD. This unemployment can cause symptoms of depression that is able to compound within soldiers that do have PTSD, which affects the veterans negatively. The GI Bill can help veterans get jobs over time but the costs of going to school extend beyond the campus and favor a stable lifestyle, which a source of income facilitates. A veteran with or without PTSD, is met with difficulties when seeking a job upon return, that can lead to depression and a lower quality of life.

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