Retrieving Data with Storage Devices Essay examples

Retrieving Data with Storage Devices Essay examples

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Storage Devices
Storage devices are used to record or retrieve data in technological devices. A device that only records information is called a recording medium; it does not allow for processing of the information. They allow for ease of access for the user to retrieve any data from the device that had been previously stored. They help run programs, view page content, and even allow for interaction on some web pages. There are two types of storage in computers; a primary storage, like RAM, or Random Access Memory, and a secondary storage, like a hard drive. Without storage devices, computers would not function as efficiently as they do.
There are different types of storage devices, ranging from small to very large, depending on what they are needed for. Hard drives, or disks, are a very common storage device for personal computers. There are internal and external hard drives, but both use a magnetic disk to function. Magnetic disks are what store the data that will later be processed to run programs or open files. Older versions of storage devices, such as CD ROMs, cassette tapes, and VHS tapes, used a similar type of magnetic disk to store data, only the magnets on the tapes were strips of filament rather than a disk (All About Magnets).
A hard disk is a storage device found in most personal computers. It is a disk that uses magnetic particles in order to store data, information, and instructions. They are usually housed inside the computer and are sometimes referred to as internal hard disks, as they are not removable. They are made up of tracks, which are thin bands that record data. These tracks are broken into pie-shaped portions that cut into small arcs, or sectors. Each sector may house up to 512 Bytes. These sectors are...

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... click away, rather than looking through piles of paper and books. They allow for easy communication and sharing of information between people. The evolution of this technology has greatly improved the performance of many facilities and individuals, allowing for more storage and access of data and information.

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