Retribution is an Eye for an Eye Punishment Essay

Retribution is an Eye for an Eye Punishment Essay

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Retribution is the punishment that is deserved because of the act committed by the perpetrator. More subsequently, it is the “infliction of punishment on those who deserve to be punished” (Couture, 2014, p.60). Lex Talionis, Latin for law of retribution, connects to the biblical adage of “an eye for an eye,” which later specifies the offenders get the punishment in which they deserve in exchange for crime they have committed (Sieter, 2014, p. 26).
Sanctions consist of capital punishment, incarceration, intermediate sanctions (intense supervised probation), or standard probation, where each goal of corrections connects with the sanctions. Retribution connects to incarceration, where the offender chose to commit the crime so they should pay their time for committing the crime. Depending on the crime that the offender committed, the type of sanction that would be used for retribution may vary.
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpuio stated that he, “believes in the retributive goal of corrections and notes strong public support for getting tough on crime and criminals” (Sieter, 2014, p. 26). The above evidence shows that if crime is punished by incarceration and the fear of incarceration is in the criminal offenders mind, then they may not pursue in criminal activity. As Joe Arpuio states “getting tough on crime,” the tougher retributive punishments are, may again deter crime.
Deterrence is the intention to prevent future crimes from taking place, becoming split into two specific types of deterrence, general and specific. General deterrence is “actions that take place to persuade other persons from committing criminal acts” (Couture, 2014, p. 128). While specific deterrence is “punishments aimed at stopping...

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...ause it deals with society as a whole. Yes, general deterrence may use certain individuals as an example for society, but if the punishment for that certain individual is strict enough and is able to deter others from society from committing crime it is doing its job. “General deterrence are actions to persuade others from committing criminal acts” (Couture, 2014, p.128). I feel more people are being deterred from crime by general deterrence rather than specific deterrence. Also as sanctions take place, incarceration would be best for general deterrence. Incarceration in jail or prison should deter society from committing crimes by people in society not wanting to be incarcerated. As the law tries to deter society and individuals within away from crime, specific and general deterrence play an important role, while trying to complete the tasks in different ways.

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