Retirement Is Becoming The Norm For Workers Essay

Retirement Is Becoming The Norm For Workers Essay

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Across the globe retirement is becoming the norm for workers. From the Netherlands, to Australia and even in the United States citizens spend more and more time in retirement. Approximately, 30 years of an American are spent in retirement. The increasing amount of retires must adjust to retirement from their previous lifestyle. Sometimes this transition can be hard so research is being done to help those struggling. Already research has found factors that can help predict successful adjustment to retirement. (Earl, Gerrans and Halim, 2015; Damman, Henkens and Kalmijn, 2015; Lo and Brown, 1999). Adjustment to retirement is defined in multiple ways and research has found similar factors that help predict whether one has a successful adjustment.
Due to retirement adjustment’s complexity, researchers must operationally define it. Consequently, this leads to multiple definitions of successful retirement adjustment. One particular study describes retirement as the withdrawal from a particular service or career. Key factors looked at was whether the retiree realizes the potential rewards of retirement or continues to miss aspects of work. To determine whether subjects were adjusting the researchers examined health, social interactions, self-esteem and whether participants feel lonely. If the retirees maintain good health and social interactions along with high self-esteem and minimal feelings of loneliness, then adjustment was positive (Lo and Brown, 1999). This is just one way of looking at successful retirement adjustment, researchers who interviewed Dutch citizens in 2015 explore another definition. Damman, Henkens and Kalmijn (2015) defines adjustment to retirement as “The process of getting used to the changed circumstances of li...

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... of successful retirement adjustment.
Even though the studies define successful retirement adjustment differently, all of them agree that it is an important. Retirement has become the norm across the globe. The factors that predict successful retirement adjustment need to be common knowledge so that workers are capable of adjusting positively. People should know that social interactions, finance and health all influence satisfaction with retirement. Because all three studies explore similar predictive factors, it is important that they become common knowledge. As the amount of retirees increases, it is important to ensure that they all know what successful retirement adjustment is and how to achieve it. The message about retirement adjustment should be spread across the globe so that the growing quantity of older workers do not struggle with adjusting to retirement.

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