Rethinking of the Graduation Inflation Essay

Rethinking of the Graduation Inflation Essay

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Rethinking of the graduation inflation
The current society witnesses the prosperity of various kinds of ceremonies and graduations. It seems that the end of every stage, every moment, and every period needs a ceremony to declare that it is finished! Considering that weird phenomena, the regular essayist for Time Magazine Amy Dickinson wrote an essay “Graduation Inflation” to present her views on this peculiar social issue in current society. Probing into the article of Dickinson, I agree with her idea of the problems the number of “graduations” and awards children experience today and supports her criticisms on the “graduation inflation” with evidences.
In the last few decades, graduations are of significance for the high school students, college students, and their parents. For the high school students, the graduation declares their maturity in physiology and the beginning of new life in campus; while for the college students, it means the end of student life and the starting of the social life. In other words, the two graduations are both meaningful, given their happening in special moments of the whole life. However, the current graduation stretches to a large extent. Nowadays, the graduation is no longer “the ceremony of conferring degree or diplomas” (, n.p.). Just as Dickinson said, life is “crowded with rituals as kids finish up Tumble Tots, nursery school, kindergarten, third grade, middle school, piano class, Sunday school and the soccer season.” (Dickinson, para. 4) At present, there exist too many graduations of no meaning or less meaning. For example, it is extremely ridiculous for the kindergarten to hole the graduation at all, for the graduates are all children in 4-5 years old who cannot even underst...

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... to affirm their progresses and to encourage them for the further development. However, too many graduations with may exert negative effects on students. First of all, most of graduations held at present are of less meaning, only giving an opportunity for happiness. Second, the frequent graduations turn to be the burden of students, weakening its inspiring function. Third, too many awards for teenagers is also a problematic issue. Therefore, it is time to stop the stupid gradation of nursery school, kindergarten, soccer season and etc., and leave more time for relaxing and rethinking.

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