Retail vs Outlet Shopping Essay

Retail vs Outlet Shopping Essay

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"The average outlet shopper spend over two hours at the outlet mall (60 percent longer than at regional miles malls), and the average expenditure per outlet visit per shopper is 79 percent higher than at regional malls” (Couglan and Soberman, 6-7). Retailing dates back all the way back to 6,000 BC, when it was known as the bartering system. It was introduced by
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Mesopotamia tribes, and then adopted by Phoenicians. During this time, money was not yet invented so people would trade goods. When money was invented, bartering slowly transitioned to retailing (Anderson, 1). The concept of outlet stores dates back to over a hundred years ago. Clothing companies first created the idea to offer excess or damage goods to employees at the price discounts. The factory stores then later starting selling to non employees as well. In 1936, Anderson- little (a men's clothing manufacturer) opened to be the first set outlet stores, which were located far from the primary retail stores. This outlet store was for anyone who was looking to purchase goods at a discount (Couglan and Soberman, 4). In today's modern age, outlet stores are now using the concept of getting excess good at a price discount, against the customers. Customer shop at the outlet stores because they are known for a way to save money. Outlets stores are using retail prices for some of their merchandise fully aware that the customers shop at these outlet stores to get discounted prices not retail prices. Retail stores are better to shop at than outlet stores because of the location of the store, quality of their merchandise, and their consistency on keeping up with trends.
Retail stores are better than outlet stores to shop at because of the location of the store. Theo Estes...

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