Retail Stores And The Retail Store Essay

Retail Stores And The Retail Store Essay

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2.2 Retail store
As reported by Janow and Guerreiro (1991) that retailers were selling goods and service to the ultimate consumer. At the time they have also provided service in terms of the information sources for customers, and encouraged a need in order to apparel merchandise. In the United States has the retail store about 2 million. Moreover, about these retail stores were approximately 135,000 retail stores that have specialized in apparel and accessories, and about 70,000 retailers have involved apparel and accessories in their selling mix (Frings, 1991).
2.3 Category of Retail stores
Classification of retail stores have corresponded in many procedures, and over the years, the retail stores have changed to correspond to the fluctuating demands of consumers. Moreover, It has developed more new categories of stores, and they have jointed it into with existing categories of stores, which made more complicated classification (Frings, 2005; Jarnow and Guerreiro, 1991). In addition, the most retail stores were often classified by their merchandise strategy and pricing strategies.
As state in Hasty & Reardon (1997); Jarnow & Guerreiro, (1991); Frings, (2005) have identified that there are four main types of retail stores, such as department stores, specialty stores, discount stores, and non-store retail stores. Department stores have brought a wide variety of goods and services, such as males, females, and children clothing; household items, and home furnishing. It has also provided many services, such as “credit payment, return privileges (e.g. money or products), deliveries, and mail order catalog”. By contrast, in order for accomplishment of specialty retail stores are concerned with unique category of product, (e.g. clothing...

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...while, found similar factors to Stone. As the economic shopper was found as associated with “price, quality, and convenience”. The personalizing shopper did not buy as often for the visible merchandise in the society, but such a consumer might focus on using the merchandise with regard to help elementary hygiene and appearance (p.507). The ethical shoppers preferred to support at local stores were higher than chain stores, this process is like a Stone ethical shopper. Also, Stone had described about ethical alignment that consumers due to have “high societal status and had long-term residence in the community”. For the profile of apathetic shopper is resemble as a Stone had identified that these consumers who did not prefer to shop, no even have an interesting in chain stores, dislike making individual relation among local stores (Darden and Reynolds, 1997, p. 508).

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