Retail Profiling Is A Form Of Racism Or Stereotyping? Essay

Retail Profiling Is A Form Of Racism Or Stereotyping? Essay

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In the world of business, retail profiling is a tool many corporations use to prevent crime. In other words, an employee of a business may focus on certain characteristics of an consumer, such as race, to help them find people whom may be stealing or partaking in other various forms of fraud. Retail profiling is socially unacceptable because it is a form of racism or stereotyping. It is a very common practice and it is hard to find a resolution because most workers may not even notice they are profiling during a shift.
As previously stated, many employees may not recognize they are profiling customers during certain situations until they reflect on their actions or steps they may have taken to assume a person may have been committing fraud against the company. For example, Crowder states that Zara, a clothing company, has "special codes" to track suspicious shoppers, in which black and Latino shoppers are victims of these codes more than white shoppers (8). Although every store has different security procedures, Zara employees felt the need to use these codes on minority shoppers, most likely because they didn’t meet the criteria Zara emplaced on how customers were to dress or appear. These high standards lead to enforced discrimination by employers. Personally, I work in a customer service booth for a corporation that similarly, uses retail profiling to protect the store. Our regulations aren’t used to the same extent as companies, such as Zara, yet our managers accept profiling as a method prevent crime. In customer service, as I got more accustomed to larger bills, I would detect for fake bills less. I realized when I did detect them, the customer was always a minority. I told my manager about my issue and I wanted to fix ...

... middle of paper ... taken if the lady was by herself. I shouldn’t have focused on race, as much as I did, yet again, my actions were valid according to corporate coordinators and management.
Ultimately, due to regulations of certain businesses, retail profiling is encouraged, when cause workers to discriminate against shoppers of color. To resolve this issue, a company can have a series of lectures online that can contain certain scenarios to test for racial profiling. Depending on the results, the store can have lessons that the worker would have to attend to combat retail profiling. Similarly, there can certain things, like checking for fraudulent money or ID, that can be applied to all customers to limit the customer feeling targeted. Retail profiling can hurt a business because it is illegal and offensive, therefore it should prevented from future use in the world of business.

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