Essay on The Resurrection of the Dead

Essay on The Resurrection of the Dead

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As with most other Pauline attributed documents, 1 Corinthians is believed to be a single document that addresses salient topics and rationalizes Paul’s view of faithfulness to Christ with Corinth citizens. The newly founded church of Corinth was in correspondence with Paul requesting his answers to questions they posed on topics ranging from marriage to the resurrection of the dead; the latter being one of the most highlighted in 1 Corinthians. Paul’s assurance of resurrection illustrates a concern for Corinth as he admonishes their disbelief in resurrection of the dead with a series of explanations as to why such doubt would render the faith of Christ “in vain”. Given the context of the time, Paul’s correspondence with Corinth clearly had an original intent of educating and admonishing Corinth on their views on resurrection. However, modern Christianity in its many forms has established an interpretation that slightly strays from its original inscription. Regardless, Paul’s letters not only shaped the ideals of Corinthians believers but influenced the Christian ideals of post mortem resurrection or eternal life as well.
Veres 12-28 of chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians illustrates the influence Paul had on the formation of early Christianity. To Corinth, Paul rationalizes that if Corinth believes that there is no resurrection of the dead then Christ himself could not have been risen and if Christ has not been risen then their faith is in vain. Paul uses their own faith against them in a since as with his argument he forces Corinth to either reconcile with Paul’s views of resurrection or seemingly disband with Christianity altogether. As Paul himself claims in 1 Corinthians 3:6 to have founded the church in Corinth it seems most unde...

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