Essay about Resurrection: Giving Meaning to Life

Essay about Resurrection: Giving Meaning to Life

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Rebirth, a prominent idea in Christianity and Western thought, is often associated with rejuvenation and second chances. The idea of a second birth is both a baptism and a change in identity— all of which figure prominently in Charles Dickens’s novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Two characters, Dr. Manette and Sydney Carton, both go through the process of rebirth and a change of identity. The process of birth is in nature a responsibility of the female, in both Dr. Manette’s case and Sydney Carton’s they are reborn through the actions they do for Lucie— whose name is telling in itself, meaning light/daylight all symbolic of something new/God the light and the way. Resurrection is a reoccurring theme which can be seen through the actions of Dr. Manette and Sydney Carton.
One character who experiences resurrection is Dr. Manette. His birth is connected to an inversion of the parent-child relationship. The doctor has been imprisoned in the Bastille for 18 years. It can be seen that the Bastille has acted like a womb for Dr. Manette and reduced him into a baby-like, infantile state. Being locked away for such a long time had driven Dr. Manette to begin to lose his sanity. In order to remain sane the doctor must entertain himself by making shoes. He first experiences resurrection after he is reunited with his daughter, Lucie. “She held him closer round the neck and rocked him on her breast like a child” (64). Here it is made apparent that Lucie will take on the role of a maternal figure and help restore her father to a normal life style. The role of the parent-child relationship is reversed in this situation. Instead of Dr. Manette taking care of Lucie, Lucie takes care of her father. Also, Mr. Lorry tells Dr. Mannette that he is recall...

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...tinuing to give it meaning. Carton’s death was also an end to the revolution which ultimately ended the problems of the other characters in the novel. Carton experienced redemption when he died giving himself and others a second chance. Often times as humans we have to place others before ourself. Also, it is important to deeds for others without reciprocity.
Resurrection is prominent theme which can be seen through the actions of Dr. Mannette and Sydney Carton. Both characters were given an opportunity to come back from the dead. Dr. Mannette was trapped in a prison cell for many years when he began to lose his sanity. He experienced resurrection when he was released from prison and was able to return to a normal life style. Sydney Carton also experienced resurrection when he sacrificed himself not only to give his life purpose but also for the welfare of others.

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