Essay on Results Week One : A Experiment

Essay on Results Week One : A Experiment

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Results Week One:
Week one was a preparation for week two, so there are no results for that week.
Results Week Two:

Figure 1.1 shows the screen of the computer when the students were comparing the differences between the DNA sequences of the bitter-taste of different animals.

Figure 1.2 shows the actual genome of the bitter-taste between the animals. The stars under the genomes show the similarities over all the animals.

Figure 1.3 shows the Genomic DNA of the students. This genome shows whether the student will be able to taste a paper. The first student in the first two wells was not a taster. We can determine this because there is not a second orange line. The second student has a heterozygotes genome. This student can only barely taste the paper. This can be determined by the second faint line after the first orange one in the third well. The third student was a taster. This result was inconclusive because in the DNA genome it shows that she would be a heterozygote, shown in well five. There are the 3 main lines representing heterozygotes.

Student and wells
Student 1: Abigail (wells 5+6)
Student 2: Bailie (wells 3+4)
Student 3: Alicia (wells 1+2)
What the electrophoresis shows
Homozygote with recessive gene
Actual taste
Strong taste
Mild taste
No taste

Figure 1.4 This graph further explains figure 1.3 in the way that it shows what the gene showed in electrophoresis and what actually occurred.

This lab was centered around bioinformatics and the gene for PTC. The students discovered how to perform and analyze gel electrophoresis. When analyzing the gel electrophoresis for the tasting, non-tasting, and heterozygote gene one had to look at the patterns in the DNA. By lookin...

... middle of paper ...

...ilarities across different cancers of this gene being mutated.
Overall, the gel electrophoresis was quite accurate. The majority of our data was correct and able to be analyzed. This experiment helped the students more clearly understand the complications involved in genetics along with gene expression, to see evidence of evolution, and to understand useful tools like NCBI that scientists are using to further understand gene variation.

References and Authorship
The introduction and results were written by Bailie. The methods and conclusion were written by Alicia. The report was proofread and edited by both Bailie and Alicia.

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"National Center for Biotechnology Information." National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2016. .

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