Results Of Interview And Mental Status Examination Essay

Results Of Interview And Mental Status Examination Essay

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Results of Interview and Mental Status Examination

The purpose of the threat assessment conducted was to help make informed decisions about which security measures to adopt according to Bob’s level of threat, if any. The threat environment that may exist includes: threat to personnel; such as harassment, threat to property, and threats against property; such as harm to harm to personnel (Dolan & Doyle, 2000). The most basic technique to obtain information through the assessment was provided through a face-to-face interview with the employee. The interview was focused on the location of the threat, personnel involved, past incidents, and likely cause of threats. “Analyzing factors affecting threat assists to gauge the level of threat; likelihood that the company will encounter incidents and occurrences” (Dolan & Doyle, 2000). Also, a review of records was conducted to reveal any history of incidents which may draw patterns and trends to be analyzed.
In Bob’s case, the location of the suspected incident took place within the company. An e-mail message sent anonymously addressing an issue about Bob’s behavior and comments during business hours suggests he conducted such behaviors within the premises of the corporation. Displaying these certain behaviors and communicating such comments considers his acts as a threat to personnel and a threat against property (Dolan & Doyle, 2000). A review of records reveal a pattern of poor behavior. Bob has a tendency of being late to work and was once also intoxicated during work hours. Bob also has a history with the law including of a drunk and disorderly charge of arrest; also carried a concealed weapon during arrest. Disclosed information from personnel record shows that Bob was divorced twic...

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...f these acts and behaviors towards Bob may develop a positive relationship between co-workers and Bob.

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