Essay about Results of Coca-Cola Consumer Research Study

Essay about Results of Coca-Cola Consumer Research Study

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The study was conducted successfully and the conclusions with respect to the objectives are as follows:
1. To identify the factors of household affecting the purchase of Coca Cola Brand
It can be concluded from the above study that the factors of household that affect the purchase of Coca-Cola Brand are as follows:
 Marital Status (As an individual, a person might have different likes and dislike, his own opinion matters a lot when it comes to purchasing goods, but things change after marriage, spouse’s decisions are of equal importance, and in some cases, decisions of in-laws are considered too)
 Family Set-Up (In Nuclear families, maybe only the wife’s, husband’s or children’s decisions matter, but when it comes to Joint families, the decisions of other members, might also be taken into consideration)
 Children (One thing that has been observed throughout the study is, that whatever the family set-up might be, children’s are the prime consumers throughout and in most of the cases they are the initiators and influencers for buying Coca Cola Beverages.
 Roles in Decision making in a family helps in deciding which member has what role to play in the buying process.
 Spousal , age, life-style and life-cycle play an important role in buying behavior of beverages.

2. To analyze the impact of demographic setup of families on consumption pattern of Coca Cola beverages.
With the help of the study conducted, it has been interpreted that the demographic set-up plays a very important role in consumption of Coca-Cola beverages.
 With age, respondents have agreed that they are become health conscious day by day, hence they have switched to non-aerated drinks, such as Minute Maid, whereas earlier, they consumed aerated beverages.
 Res...

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...e, belong to Coca-Cola.
 Also, the respondents said that the gift packs available were of Coke and Sprite only, so I would suggest that the company should come up with gift-packs for all its beverages.
 Children, as we could see are the main group of consumers, so Coca Cola can start experimenting with its flavors, and at the same time can add more varieties to the aerated drinks category, as that is what they like.
 It was seen that, group of respondents (age group of 31-40 yrs mostly) said that they are becoming health conscious day by day and they prefer Minute Maid more now, whereas earlier they liked ThumsUp, which means that this group of customers prefer Non-Aerated health drinks. Since, Coca-Cola does not have many varieties in this category, so they should now target the health conscious audience and venture into “Healthy non-aerated beverages category”.

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