Results of Child Abuse Survey

Results of Child Abuse Survey

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The primary method was conducted using a series of distributed questionnaires to children for my research. The reasons why I used questionnaires are because I think I will obtain appropriate and honest responses which relates to their personal experiences. The data collected was then categorized by data into gender, age from age 8 to10, age 11 to 13, age 14 to16, age 17 to 19 and type of abuse. The surveys were equally distributed, a total of 13 surveys were handed out to children between 8-18 years of age that have been victims of child abuse/ neglect. The questionnaire consisted of 22 questions divided into five parts: multiple choice, background, open, rank order and attitude questions. The answers to most questions were suggested for consistency, and they could be ticked in boxes in a multiple choice format. This survey looked at two different groups of children, males and females. The aim of this research is to find out if child abuse has an effect on the intellectual and emotional development of the child and if it has effect on their adulthood.

Primary Research Findings

The respondents were asked 22 questions in the questionnaires. In the questionnaire I asked their age group, gender, who their abuser was, if the child was abused physically, sexually, emotionally, or psychologically and if they were mistreated because their parent or parents were abused as a child. I also asked if the child was ever arrested or charged for a criminal act and if answered yes then what was the reason why they arrested or charged. I surveyed The information gotten from the respondents is most out of 13 children 40 percent of them are between the ages of 8 to10 and 29 percent were between the ages of 11to13 and 31 percent abused between the ages of 14 to 16. I have found out that out of 13 children 6 of them are females that are victims of child abuse and the remaining children are males. Most of the children were abused by a step-parent or a parent. One of the important information that I have found out is that majority of the children were physically or emotionally abused as a child at times and very often. Most of the children reported that they were either being mistreated by a parent(s) who were abused as a child or the abuser have problems with drugs or alcohol.

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The children we asked how often they were abused and 78% answered at times and 22% were abused very often.
After completing my research by surveying people my research findings have concluded that child abuse does have an effect on the intellectual and emotional development of the child and its effect on their adulthood. When children were asked how were they abused 30 percent answered physically, 31 percent answered they were emotionally abused, 28 percent answered they were sexually abused and 11 percent were neglected.

Many sociologists believe that the abused child often goes on to become a violent criminal, alcoholic, welfare case or even another chilled abuser. The research findings prove that the thirty percent of the children who experienced physical abuse are more likely to be arrested as an adult, and more likely to commit violent crime. The research findings show that 3 out of the 13 children who were victims of physical abuse were already arrested or charged for a violent crime. The twenty-eight percentage of the children who were sexually abused were emotionally affected because it prevented the child from forming friendships due to the lack of trust and it can lead to depression. The research findings also show that 33 percent of children were abused by their step-parent(s), 44 percent of children were abused by their parent(s) and 23 percent were abused by their sibling(s).

The children were asked what the reason was for abuse and the children answered they thought they were wrong in some way and they deserved it. The children’s understanding of the reason why they were being abused was they thought they did something wrong to deserve it, this lowered the child's self-esteem and it affects the child's psychological development.

As shown above, majority of the children said that they were often got yelled at, insulted, humiliated, embarrassed in front of others and felt guilty and felt like a bad person. When the child was abused and thought it was their fault it lowered the child's self esteem, and affected the child's psychological development and ability to behave normally outside his home. Also, when a child is abused, he or she gets an understanding that abusing someone is acceptable and then they become abusive adults in their later life. The children we asked how often they were abused and 78% answered at times and 22% were abused very often.

In conclusion, judging from the data collected, child abuse has an effect on the intellectual and emotional development of the child and if it has effect on their adulthood. Abusing a child physically, sexually or emotionally seriously impairs their intellectual, emotional and social development of the child which can result them to more likely engage in criminality in their later life. However, with this research there were many limitations faced. Firstly, the age group that this survey exposed to was not that big of a variety. Secondly, it was difficult finding people that were victims of child abuse. Lastly, there was only a limited amount of surveys distributed; therefore the statistics reached in this report are not of a very pleasing variety.
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