Restriction Protects Freedom Essay

Restriction Protects Freedom Essay

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Between 1865 and 1920, many different groups of people fought for their freedom. Each group had their own definition of freedom and most of them worked hard to preserve perfect freedom, but they soon realized that freedom can only exist under the restrictions and therefore there are no such things as perfect freedom. The restrictions always exist in society, but under the restrictions, freedom can still be preserved and sometimes the restrictions can help to establish freedom. For example, 13th amendment abolished slavery, which restricts freedom to own a human as a property, but at the same time it protects a greater amount of people’s freedom. This example applies to many cases such as for women, they faced many restrictions by the law and society, but the restrictions helped women to preserve certain freedom and that freedom must be protected under any circumstances. The best definition of freedom for women back in the late 19th century was to have rights to take care their family and to keep good health.
During the late 19th century, women’s major roles in society was to take care of their family and to take control of what is happening in their households, and they wanted to keep those rights to preserve their freedom. The Cult of Domesticity became popular during this time period, and it allowed women to be in charge of domestic issues, but it also restricted women’s activities such as political involvement, having a job, and more. Even though it restricted women’s activities and allowed them to do only housework, home was women’s freedom where she can be in charge and take care of her husband and children. Generally it is understood that in many cases women care more about children than men, and most women tend to do bette...

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...edom only exists under the restriction.
The freedom for women can be defined as rights to take care of their family and to keep good health. In modern society, some part of this definition still apply to women, because in the most cases, women do more housework then men, even though they both work outside. This is because women tend to do better housework. Therefore women must have rights to take care of their housework. During the 19th century, many women worked hard to gain suffrage, but women’s suffrage is unnecessary to define the word “freedom” for women. There must be restriction to preserve freedom and this is one of those restrictions. By having this restriction women can freely appeal to any political parties about different issues. There is no way people can have absolute freedom, but sometimes the restrictions can help protect rights to preserve freedom.

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