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Restricting Television Content Essay

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According to the website 65% of American households own three or more television sets. The influence of television on American society is so strong it should be closely monitored and restricted for indecent content through agencies like the FCC because the government has the responsibility of protecting society from the harm such content might cause.
There are people every day complaining about indecency on the television and believe that the Federal Communications Commission should do something about it and restrict television content. The FCC has different issues such as program access, mandatory carriage of television broadcast signals and more ("Television." 1 of 6)They have certain regulations on what can be shown at a certain time (Winter 1 of 2). People think that it is illegal for broadcasters to show pornography or use vulgar language, but Indecency is not illegal it can be restricted by the FCC for the times of 6 A.M to 10 P.M (Rowland 1 of 2). Finally it went into action. The Supreme Court in 1978 requested that the FCC could punish the broadcasters for airing vulgar language or nudity during the time kids watch TV (Totenberg 1 of 2). The rule that the Supreme Court requested was to give a safe haven for their kids ("Call Off the Decency police." 1 of 2). It is a big deal today because the TV shows they show now were nothing like they showed back then. Now a day’s people are in bed together for different reasons and back then you would not even see a married couple in bed (Rowland 1 of 2). After the Supreme Court made the decision on what the FCC could do, the broadcasters of the networks went to court thinking that the new rule was pathetic and it violated the free speech rights (Totenberg 1 of 2). Th...

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