The Restoration Plan of Beaver Creak Essay

The Restoration Plan of Beaver Creak Essay

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I. Project Summary
Students at Arcadia University are requesting a grant in order to restore the two streams on campus: Beaver Creek and Tookany Creek. Their objectives are to reduce the pollution and to prevent runoff as well as to restore and conserve the quality of the two streams. The students collected some data and saw small increases in nitrate and chlorine levels in the soil and water. Even though the concentrations of nitrate and chlorine are small, if not dealt with, the concentrations of both nitrate and chlorine will increase and cause many negative effects to the organisms living in the streams as well as the organisms that depend on the stream as a water source.
By funding their proposal it will allow them to collect more data to better understand the two streams in order to develop a more in depth restoration plan. In addition, they would switch the fertilizer placed on campus to a more organic one, which will lessen the concentration of nitrate in the soil and environment. Furthermore, the Glenside community and students of Arcadia University will benefit from the restoration of Beaver and Tookany Creek because they would be able to use it as an educational tool as well as a place to relax and enjoy nature.

II. Project
The restoration plan of Beaver Creak objectives is to reduce pollution and prevent runoff into the Tookany and Beaver Creek. In addition, we want to restore and conserve the quality of the stream for future students of Arcadia as well as for the local Glenside community. These objectives will take time to meet; however, by starting to implement restorative measures such as using riparian zones by planting more vegetation it will help reduce the effects of urbanization. ...

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