Restaurants Should Be Legal For Paying The Employees Humanly? Essay

Restaurants Should Be Legal For Paying The Employees Humanly? Essay

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Restaurants should ban tipping. There, I said it. Please refrain from stoning me or if you choose to applaud, go on ahead. Let me elaborate why tipping should be abolished in American restaurants. If you live in America: You, Have. To. Tip. If you don’t, you’re considered a selfish person. However, just because that’s the system that we have, does not mean it is a good one. Tipping is a custom that: shortchanges servers, inconveniences customers, and makes the whole dining experience unbearable (Collegehumor). Ask yourself, why should you be responsible for paying the employees humanly?
Although, we have grown accustomed to believe tipping a waiter or a waitress at a restaurant is part of the American dining experience, the fact is, it is a borrowed custom from Europe. According to Michael Lynn, a professor at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, “tipping in the United States began just after the American Civil War in the late 1800’s”(Elkins). The custom was later introduced in the United States when wealthy Americans traveled to Europe, witnessed tipping, and brought the aristocratic custom back to prove their elevated education and class (Elkins). History claims that tipping originated in the taverns of 17th century England, where drinkers would slip money to a waiter “to insure promptitude” or T.I.P. for short (Elkins). However, tipping was not embraced by all Americans and a movement against tipping began in the late 1890s. Many Americans believed that tipping went against the country’s ideals and allowed a clear servile class that would be financially dependent on a higher class (Burton). “For most of our history Americans considered tipping for better service an undemocratic form of bribery”(Segrave).

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...ased price (Stuart). But in all likelihood, the price hike of your meal, or the mandatory service charge tacked on the bottom of the tip, would be roughly equal to what you would have paid in tips anyway. Restaurant owners don’t bring money from their own personal pocket to pay servers, whatever they pay waiters is from the restaurant 's revenues and that comes from the customers paying. “It makes no difference what they are called whether it be tips, prices, or service charges”(Stuart).
In conclusion, Michael Lynn reports, “ Tipping start[ed] with people wanting to be more generous or “show off”, but then it [became] something where people do it because it’s expected of them”(Elkins). Why should customers feel obligated to make the decision on whether a waiter should be paid sufficiently? Why can’t employers pay their staff minimum wage? Are they less of a worker?

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