The Responsibility Of The Client Essay

The Responsibility Of The Client Essay

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The responsibility to the client means making sure that the client knows that I am required to call the police or those involve if they hurt a child, someone else, or themselves. Clients rely on us to guide them as they make changes to their life. I need to make sure the client knows what they are getting involved in when they come to us for services; if there’s something they don’t understand I am there to break it down for them. We are responsible for giving the clients steps and tools to make their situation better in the long run. We are there to give the clients the knowledge they need to cope with their mental illnesses. From the very first meeting we are assessing the client, seeing how much help they are going to need or if they need to change the people around them throughout this process. We work with the clients let them make their own decision and control what they want to do and how they want to do it. When it comes to Life Management Center (LMC); we are supposed to take each client’s needs seriously. We need to have a qualified staff that can help the clients with their needs. We want our clients to do better and be better not discounted as someone who can’t do things because of an illness.
Our responsibilities to the profession means being knowledgeable about the area you work in. Always trying to learn more about the field you 're working. Knowing when you can help and when it 's best to refer a client to someone else because their needs are beyond our expertise. Follow the policies of the agency you work for, consulting with others when you stumble upon a road block. Being able to admit to yourself when things don’t seem right; by taking yourself out of the equation. There are steps that need to follow for ever...

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.... We could also hold academic bowls with other youth centers to help the kids study well and retain the knowledge they learn.
Many of the other mental health center offer classes on how to better yourself and your staff. They also give you tips on how to expand your clientele and services you can provide. They would be able to refer you to other places that will contract through your center and let you provide services to everyone. Get in contact with some type of transportation service for the clients who need to be transferred to other facilities. We are required to help anyone with a mental illness, we set them up with an appointment and once that is done, we get together as professionals and figure out the best way to help the client. When the client comes to us it’s because other things they have tried haven’t worked and they needed more help than they thought.

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