Responsibility of Models Towards the Girls that Follow Them Essay

Responsibility of Models Towards the Girls that Follow Them Essay

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The modeling industry is one that is much more widespread than the tabloid section of the grocery store. These cover girls and runway models have a larger impact than just mere advertisement—they become role models to their fans. Many will go to severe lengths to imitate their unrealistic bodily features through extreme dieting and even body modification, like plastic surgery, and the modeling industry can either prevent or promote young women from idolizing and imitating these social figures.
It is undeniable that Western cultures are generally known as the “thin cultures” (Samelson 44). Those in the media, such as actresses, movie stars, models, and other celebrities are often “seriously underweight and many diet and smoke to keep their natural weight off” (“Media Influence on Youth”). They don’t merely do this to look good, however; they do this in order to keep their job. Model casting agents, such as James Scully, “draw the line at a 23-inch waist—if a model is any bigger, [then] she need not apply to walk in their shows” (Bullock 140).
So if a 23-inch waist is the cut-off, then what happens if a successful model does not fit into this category anymore? While many will work hard to maintain their figure the healthy way, through diet and exercise, and others through smoking and starving themselves, some do none of the above. If a fashion model is not the ideal weight, then digital technology can make her legs look thinner and longer, reduce stomach fat, smooth out any stretch marks, as well as give her a more slender face (Samelson 44). A recent example of this was shown through SELF Magazine’s 2009 September cover with model, Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson was photographed to be the face of confidence and inspire women to lose we...

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... models for young women, and designers like Marc Jacob and Louis Vuitton are carrying out these ideals.

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