Responsibility in Lord of The Flies

Responsibility in Lord of The Flies

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Responsibility is a lot of different things and has many different parts. One part of responsibility is social responsibility. Social responsibility is being responsible to people, for the actions of people, and for actions that affect people. Social responsibility is about holding a group, organization or company accountable for its effect on the people around it. When you do the wrong thing many people pay for it, especially everyone that you know. When you do the wrong things your family will be ashamed of you. You will have the feeling that you have disappointed them and they have the feeling that they have disappointed you. It doesn't make sense but they feel like they have let you down. They will think to themselves that they could have been more strict and that haven't been disciplining you hard enough. Most of the time that is true because if someone knew that if they did something wrong and they were going to get severely disciplined, they will not do it.

With freedom comes great responsibility. This saying has been heard by generations of kids and has been said by generations of parents. Unfortunately people today don?t seem to be responsible in certain things they do. You see things in media today that make you wonder when you draw the line on things you say and do. William Golding the author of Lord of The Flies conveys this thought in the story of the boys stuck on the island where they have complete freedom to do whatever they want to do. They no longer had adults to tell them what and how to do things. The story just proves that when people are irresponsible and freedom gets abused that very bad things can happen.

God has given us as human beings free will. Although if we make choices based on our own free will we must be willing to take the responsibility for the effects that our decisions have on ourselves, on the people around us, and on society itself. Freedom, I believe, is the way in which people live or behave without others annoying or interfering in his or her affairs. People should benefit from freedom, equality and justice. Absolute freedom is sometimes very dangerous and may destroy the basic principles of the society. A lot of people believe that freedom means doing whatever you want, whenever you want.

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This is a dangerous belief because your freedom stops as soon as you hurt other people. Because of this there are regulations, which prevent people from doing things, which are harmful to other people. For example, you are free to listen to music whenever you want but as soon as you annoy other people you must stop listening. Constructive criticism is another kind of freedom, which, must be encouraged because this criticism may prevent people from doing wrong things. But there are many people who criticize others because they are jealous of them. When I think of America I think of freedom and citizenship. The right to vote or the right of free speech are aspects that, as citizens, we posses. Being born in America automatically gives you these rights and many more, and most importantly, you become a citizen. Now, with citizenship comes responsibility such as obeying the law and paying taxes. So if you follow these simple rules does this make you an effective citizen? This question, in my opinion, is almost impossible to answer for a number of reasons. It was extremely hard to come up with a clear-cut answer as to what an effective citizen entails. Let me state that effective citizenship requires so many things and the true meaning of a ?good citizen? differs from person to person and from time to time.

Some people think that being a good, responsible citizen means to vote. The politicians depend on us to put them where they want to be. Their futures depend on what we do in our voting. We must vote to have these people live out their good-willed promises that they make during their campaign. That is how it is a responsibility. They also depend on the responsibility that comes with age. We need not let the good people down who are running for public office positions. The person who was good hearted and made promises that they intended to keep when they got into office may not be elected, all because we did not vote. We are supposed to vote because it is our duty as American citizens. The reason that the nation waits until we are eighteen years of age to allow us to vote is because when we come of that age, we are expected to take responsibility in our homes, communities, and local and national government. When we are starting to be given more responsibilities, we should learn more about our nation and its political systems so that when we are allowed to vote, we will not have to learn at the last minute. Also, if we do not vote, the politicians will get too comfortable with not having to answer to the public. They can do whatever they want if we do not vote. Our nation gave us the right to vote. If we do not vote, our opinions would not be heard. This is because our politicians represent the people and express the people?s opinions. If we abuse our right of voting the politicians could not speak for us and once again, as stated before, the politicians would get too comfortable with not having to answer to us.

Other people think that being a good, responsible citizen is obeying the law. First let me explain how the government works. Federalism is a system of government in which power is, within the constitution, divided between a central authority and constituent political units. They work independently but share sovereignty. There are three parts of federalism, delegated powers, reserved powers, and concurrent powers. Delegated powers are the powers given to the federal government by the constitution. Reserved powers are set for the states and or the people. Finally, concurrent powers are rights shared by both the federal government and the states.

Some examples of delegated powers are the responsibility to regulate foreign trade, the control of currency, and to control the armed forces. All of the things that are required to be the same in the entire nation are things that the delegated powers need to do. This way all things that should be made federal laws and that should be the same in every state are.
Reserved powers, the responsibilities of the states, are things like controlling local business, controlling local elections, and establish local governments. These things are going to be done different by all states, but they should be working together from state to state to make sure they can work along with each other, and trade with each other.
Concurrent powers, or shared powers, are things that both the states and the federal government are responsible for taking care off, such as collecting taxes and giving grants, law enforcement, and health and welfare systems. Also, establishing a court system to work in order and along with other courts is also something that both the federal government and the state governments are required to regulate.

This year I read a book called ?Of Mice and Men? in my intro to literature class. By evaluating the novel of mice and men carefully I have found that every character in the novel has a facet of life that consists of burdens and responsibilities. The characters in the novel basically have three options in which they can live their lives. They can knuckle down, work hard, keep a positive frame of mind and try earnestly to improve their standard of living. An example of this is would be George Milton and Lennie Small. The other option is to walk around with a chip on their shoulder, not bother to improve oneself but eradicate those around him or her that serve as a frustration or nuisance. An ideal example of this would be Curley when he decides to target Lennie as a 'frustration' and subsequently attacks him with no real valid reason apart from jealousy and spite. The last option concerns Candy and Crooks to an extent. They live a fairly meaningless life void of love and affection. They have few friendships and cling to anyone who shows them sincere attention. An example of this is when Lennie has a conversation with Crooks and he expresses his feelings of loneliness. Another example is when Carlson shoots Candy's dog. Candy becomes very eager to attach himself to George and Lennie and purchase a house with them as a result of the loss of his only real love in his life.

I feel that this book really shows how everyone has a different responsibility and what responsibility is and how different people have different responsibilities. It tells us that poor farmers, politics, and the government have responsibility.
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