Essay about Responsibilities Of Being A School Administrator

Essay about Responsibilities Of Being A School Administrator

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“We haven’t had a real principal for two years! The past three interim principals haven’t bothered to get to know us, the kids, or the school. I’m done, and I need to find a place with a real leader!” Those were the words that I uttered to my two colleagues as we sat at the local café planning our next professional move. However, those words also began my thinking of what a “real” leader embodies? I wondered if I myself, had what it takes to become a leader? Or, would I even want to take the responsibilities of being a school administrator? Although a few years past before I finally decided to apply for my administrative credential, the thought of having an administrative position continued to linger in my mind. Now, after completing my first semester of an administrative credential program, conducting various leadership surveys, and taking on leadership roles; I find myself being able to identify my strengths, challenges, and reflecting on my personal attributes as a leader. Although it is hard to change the lens from teacher to administrator, using numerous surveys has eased the process in identifying strengths and attributes.
Completing the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) survey, I found that I scored the highest under the category of “Encourage the Heart.” A leader who falls under “Encourage the Heart,” publicly celebrates individuals and teams for their accomplishments and positive contributions. This leader, also creates a positive environment, where employees feel appreciated with various forms of gratitude such as thank you notes, public recognition, and positive phrase. Similarly, the Leadership Matrix Survey, revealed that my personal attributes also fall under the category of Team Leadership.
A leader under the Te...

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...onsibilities, I find that embracing a transformational leadership style is not an easy task. However, staying focused on positive changes for students is well worth the outcome.
All in all, becoming an administrative leader is a demanding profession. Many enter the profession thinking that change will happen overnight. Yet, establishing an effective leader requires a leader who clearly knows their strengths and can recognize their areas of need before making changes. I have discovered that as a leader, I embrace an environment of collaboration, celebrate accomplishments, and inspired by change. On the other hand, change can also bring hesitation that affects my ability to create a greater vision and become a true transformational leader. Nonetheless, beginning the process of identifying who I am as a leader is the first step towards embracing my leadership journey.

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