Responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner Make It a Tough Job Essay

Responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner Make It a Tough Job Essay

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1. A Nurse Practitioner is not an easy job. I want to become a NP because I work well with people and I love to help others. Nurse Practitioners treat and care for patients with health issues. “They get information from patients and also discuss their medical history. They also order x-rays and other tests and get the results of the patients that they are observing” (Morris) 2. “Dr. Loretta Ford and Dr. Henry Silver developed the first Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Colorado. They were developed to increase the number of health care providers. Nurse Practitioners also specialize in areas such as obstetrics or pediatrics”( America’s). Many years of training are required to become a Nurse Practitioner, usually six to eight years beyond high school. This will seem like a long time, but once you complete the courses it will all be worth it. “You must complete a 4- year degree in a nursing related field.” My goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner.
Many responsibilities are required as a Nurse Practitioner. 3. You must make decisions on a daily basis which could be a major impact on your patient (Americas). “They also provide advice and consultation. It is very important to be very exact and accurate when performing the job. Some health hazards while performing these responsibilities would be that nurses are exposed to contagious and infectious diseases. It is not good to stand for long periods of time or to lift a lot” (America’s) 9. Nurses may also receive burns or scold from hot equipment, and may get stabs or cuts from sharp objects (America’s). 10. “Some specific abilities you need to have would be to listen to others, understand, and ask the patients questions. It is also very important to develop rules or foll...

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