Essay about Response Summary On The Courage

Essay about Response Summary On The Courage

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Response Summary to The Courage To Teach: Chapter Four
The role of community has a powerful context in teaching and learning. Learning does involve individual behavioral changes, but it is the community that can change the social environment, involving many people. Palmer provided different types of social environments which he found to enhance the educational mission of teaching and learning. The three types of communities that Palmer analyzed were the therapeutic, civic, and marketing models. I found the models to be restricting as each model has something to offer but were to one dimensional. None of the models worked well for students by themselves, but an assortment of them may produce an education process that would create teaching beneficial for students. For an assortment to be conceivable the method for doing so would require a commonality, which Palmer found as ‘truth’. I never thought of the truth contributing to community, but when referring the concept to my classroom I noticed how it allows for an environment in which knowledge can take place without the obstruction of the teachers or students’ pride, arrogance and other personal peculiarities. An example of this is in grade five some of the students like to elaborate their stories to the point of deliberation of reality or make belief. This affects the therapeutic model as the connection between the people involved can be fragmented as the relationship may be based on an elaborated truth; lies. Creating a community of truth is vital in teaching and learning because it highlights a subject and not an expert. This changes my teaching approach as at the center was a subject in this model, opposed to a teacher or an expert; and there was a constant connection between t...

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...tereotypes. This makes the role of teacher important as they have the ability to make their students aware of the issues in their community and make a better space allowing for connectedness at the heart. My group’s discussion of this idea led us to examining why it is that teachers need all the aspects of models of community. Through applying all three models we figured that you can arrive at the community of truth. It is here that we found that in our own experiences, external and internal factors of community can create a connectedness that can lead to a better teacher. Through a web of relations between the student-student, and teacher-student the classroom can grow and become a place of communal congruence. Maintaining identity and truthfulness is something that I consider crucial to my success in association with others, as a student, and as a teacher.

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