Response Paper : What Does It Mean?

Response Paper : What Does It Mean?

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Response Paper
What is Theodicy?
“Theodicy, in its classical form, requires the adherent of a theistic faith to reconcile the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient and morally perfect God with the existence of evil”(Surin, 1983, p. 225). Understanding this would mean that a person would have to believe in order to have good you must have bad or evil. “We do not know why the good God has made a world which does not all times manifest his goodness, but the notion is not contradictory”(Surin, 1983, p. 233). This has been the question through out many of the readings if God is such a loving God why does he allow there to be evil in this world? Is there a balance that we are seeking or is there a balance that is missing and we just don’t see it? Is the balance that we are missing is that of free will?
Free will
What does it mean to have free will? “The Free Will Defense has been attacked as being unsound, implausible and, more recently, irrelevant”(Coughlan, 1987, p. 543). The question of free will has been a debate through out the centuries. All the readings have shown how man has had a free will to choose what faith he follows. In comparing the major religions of the world all had similar starts so why did they branch off? This is a question asked by many Theologians why do we not all worship the same God? Why does the same God appear in so many different forms? Is all of this just the free will of man? These questions may never have an answer so long as we all practice different religions.

Why do bad things happen to good people?
This question has taken on new meaning over just the last week. Why do bad things happen to good people? Luis Avellana is the man I married 5 years ago. This is a man who has conflicts ...

... middle of paper ...

...h? Was this bad thing that happened to him something that was suppose to teach him a lesson? Is this why bad things happen to good people? Are they supposed to learn the lesson God is trying to teach them? What if the lesson is not learned? Is this when people turn away from God in anger?
It is up to each individual to learn for himself or herself if they believe in God or good and Evil. Weather or not they believe that evil exist to only prove that there is good in this world. Each experience that a person goes through is what helps shape the idea of good vs. evil. If you are only exposed to good you never believe that evil can affect you. If you are only exposed to evil it is hard to find the good in life. There are times that these two entities must cross paths to remind us of the things that God is trying to show us in our everyday lives.

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