Response Paper: Mamma Mia! The Musical

Response Paper: Mamma Mia! The Musical

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“A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you’ll never forget!” MAMMA MIA! The Musical performed on Tuesday March 18, 2014 at the Hanover Theater by Work Light Productions written by the British playwright Catherine Johnson and directed by Phyllida Lloyd. A musical based on the 1970’s Swedish pop band ABBA top charter album ABBA GOLD: THE GREATEST HITS set on a Greek island vacation getaway unfolding the bride-to-be’s, Sophie, search for her self whom believes can find her answer by discovering the true identity of her father. Sophie encounters with her mother’s diary from the year she was conceived and learns the names of three possible fathers: Harry Bright, Bill Austin, and Sam Carmichael. Sophie sends all three an invitation to her wedding in hopes to uncover the identity of her absent father to join her in the walk down the aisle to give her away to her fiancé Sky. Sophie’s mother, Donna, a strong fierce independent mother whom vows she can get on with life without the use of a man beside her is in complete devastation to discover the arrival of her ex-lovers the day before Sophie’s wedding. Especially the man she cared about the most, Sam, whom she never wanted to see again for leaving her to be married off to another woman. A secret she hid all these years from everyone including her two best friends, Tanya and Rosie, whom together use to be known as the girl group Donna and the Dynamos. Except Donna herself doesn't even know which of the three is Sophie’s father because she slept with all of them in a very short amount of time one after the other. Sophie believed she would know which one of the three men was her father with just one look but is now even more confused then she was before feeling ...

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...e set in the spotlight. I want to be involved in that world… it was in the show I realized I love musical theater. I don’t know anything else in this world that would make me happier than performing on stage or being a part of the performance to come to life, weather if its behind the scene or on the scene. I want to drag the whole audience into the same world Georgia Kate Haege (plays Donna) did, she inspired me, and I fell in love with the art of musical theater.

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