The Response Paper For The Passenger

The Response Paper For The Passenger

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After rereading all of the response papers for this semester, I was surprised by how much my writing has changed. I consider Response Paper #3, which was about the interaction of sight and sound in Immortal Beloved, to be my best writing because I was able to describe my observations in an interesting way, examine the larger implications of the details in the film, and tie the ideas together to support my claims and ideas about the work. Compared to the response papers I wrote before it, Response Paper #3 was the first time I was able to think critically about the choices that artists made in the presentation of a performance and attempt to answer the question of why these details were selected.
Response Paper #9, the response paper for The Passenger, was the most challenging to write because there were so many things happening at the same time during the opera, such as the lighting, the acting of the performers, the interactions between the performers and the set, and the music, and it was very hard to take notes on all of these details in the dark. Furthermore, most of the opera w...

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