Essay about The Response of Organisms Towards Climate Change

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Predicting how animals and communities might response to climate warming is a foremost concern of global change biologist. Ectothermic animals are considered particularly susceptible due to their body temperature and physiological performances vary acutely with environmental conditions. The response of organisms towards climate is based on their behavioural and physiological adaptation through evolutionary history (Somero 2012). Intertidal ectotherms for example are often experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations during aerial exposure, and complex morphological, physiological and behavioural adaptations to counter these conditions that may potentially buffer the effects of climate warming. In tropical mangrove forest for example, ectotherms are exposed to changeable physic-chemical factors where abiotic factors such as temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, light, tidal cycles and stability are differed following the fluctuations of tidal.

Due to such changes especially factor such as temperature, changing their behavioural or adjusting their physiology might be appropriate in combating thermal stress (Warburton 1973; McMahon 1990). Generally, there are two ways in surviving thermal stress which are through behavioural and physiological but in extreme thermal stress, organisms may incorporated behavioural, physiological or both type of adaptation. Concerns with vulnerability of tropical ectotherms to climate warming, studies on thermal tolerance became the most critical in physiological mechanisms and many thermal biologists examined effects of temperature on lethal limits of organism on in the other words temperature tolerances especially to see how animals tolerate their environment. The assessment of ...

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...g many characteristics in relation to body size, shell length alone does not represented whether thermal tolerance especially upper lethal temperature is dependent.

In summary, upper lethal temperatures (ULT) can be differ among phylogeny especially at species level, and also at the habitat preferences which the selection of location depending to one family towards another. This is because some family or species can be found at certain habitat only due to limitation in anatomical characteristics to flee to another habitat. But body size like shell length has to couple with few other architectural properties such as shape of the aperture, shell width, surface-to- volume ratios so that we can get strong relationship whether these factor contributed to ULTs and thermal tolerance of tropical intertidal ectotherms.

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