Respect Is Needed For A Good Relationship Between A Heath Professional And Patient

Respect Is Needed For A Good Relationship Between A Heath Professional And Patient

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Respect is needed for a good relationship between a heath professional and patient; it is the heart of health care. What is respect then? Respect is showing someone that they matter and that they are worth your time. Health professionals need to remain respectful to their patients at all times, so patients do in fact feel as if they are being taken care of to the fullest ability. The concept of respect can be shown and applied to almost all aspects of health care. In addition, as with everything in life, there can also be some barriers to respect in our profession.
A patient’s first impression of a health professional is most likely going to be formed by whether they believe you are respectful and trustworthy (Purtilo, Haddad, & Doherty, 2014). For most patients, going to the doctor, for example, is a very scary and unfamiliar situation. Introducing yourself and what you do in a kind manner, along with some small talk helps to put patients at ease. Establishing a good line of communication is essential to showing a patient respect. Health professionals should use a tone and volume that is comfortable and easy for the patient to understand. Also, medical jargon and complicated terms should be avoided; clear and simple terms should be used to ensure that the patient could understand what is being talked about, as it is them who are being cared for.
In addition, something that can be often overlooked is the value of nonverbal communication. The majority, 93%, of communication is nonverbal. When considering nonverbal communication, one should think about facial expressions, gestures, physical appearance, and proxemics. Eye contact is so very important along with nodding one’s head and showing signs that you are really listening. As...

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...nal (Purtilo et al., 2014). This may be a hard decision for a health professional to come to, but may be the most respectful decision for the patient.
Overall, respect in the health care profession is needed to make the profession work most efficiently. Respect is often looked at as trust by patients, and can be established through verbal or nonverbal communication. Establishing a good line of communication, while letting patients tell their story is essential. In addition, health professionals need to have respect for themselves so they can respect their patients. Working as a team, professionals can establish a healthy work environment that benefits all. There are, of course, barriers such as health professionals not setting aside time for themselves or difficult patients. These barriers can be overcome though, and respect in the health care profession can ensue.

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