The Resolution Of World War II Essay

The Resolution Of World War II Essay

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Since the resolution of World War II, the United States has been involved in over fifteen extensive military wars. Recent wars between Iraq and Afghanistan are being fought over several issues which affect women in both the United States and the other nations. While the military is often thought of a male dominated institution, women are present and affected all throughout the system as soldiers, caretakers, partners, and victims. Transnational feminists often fight against war due to the vulnerability that is placed on women during times of war. Despite often being overlooked, there is no doubt that women are heavily included in the devastating consequences of war.
Women are often victims in war in several circumstances. One of the victimizations of women is due to the domestic budgets cuts that are reallocated to military spending, leaving women struggling to take care of their families. As the text Women Worldwide states, “as military expenditures divert much needed revenue from domestic programs including health, education, and social welfare, women are often expected to fill the gaps created by cutbacks in state provisions” (555). The more extreme victimization of women occurs through gender violence while in service as a soldier. In the United States, the film The Invisible War recognizes that over one fifth of serving women experienced sexual assault and there is nearly no justice system to combat this. One man had raped several women in the service, but still was able to receive congressional medal of honors for his actions and bravery (The Invisible War). This promotes further gender division by having such limited consequences which sends the message that women are not nearly as important as their male counterparts. W...

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...r is counterproductive because it still represses women and ignores what the women actually want.
As a result of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I believe that women in these countries are no better than they were before. Now that war has come and destroyed their homeland, the competition for resources is even fiercer. Many females had equal rights until the war when fundamentalists invaded the government. As stated by an Iraqi blogger, “females in Iraq were a lot better off than females in other parts of the Arab world (and some parts of the Western world- we had equal pay!)” (Riverbend, 527). Therefore, war creates more gender based violence and stress amongst women.
TFN conflict & imperialism and organizations need to be instated that help promote safety of women such as “Code Pink” which supports peace and redirects military funds (Lee and Shaw, 37).

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