The Resolution Of The Syrian Conflict Essay

The Resolution Of The Syrian Conflict Essay

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"Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) is a global commitment asserts that the protection of human peace is an international responsibility. The resolution of the Syrian conflict is an international obligation, therefore, the intervention of the US administration in Syria consists with the principle of R2P. Some of the lessons about such intervention have been learned is that; in more than 50 percent of the cases, the militarized humanitarian intervention is likely to save lives and whatever is left of the operations that are neglected to accomplish its central goal could have done as such if the response for the disaster was quicker than it occurred (Seybolt 2008). The Kurds case in northern Iraq plays a similarity to the problem posed by the Assad regime in Syria. The similarities between the two cases are the exclusion on particular ethnicity and the use of power against civilians.
It has been five years since the Syrian civil war started and the country’s condition shows no sign of improvement. The war is becoming a threat to the stability of the Middle East as a whole. It has as of now had overwhelming costs for neighboring Iraq and represents a persevering danger to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a universal commitment endorsed at the 2005 United Nations (UN) World Summit to intervene to prevent the “war crime”, “ethnic cleansing” and the “crime against humanity” (UN General Assembly 2009), R2P has been vital to the global conversation on the most proficient way to alter to the war in Syria. Although UN security council ordered the intervention in Libya in 2011, UN members and UN agencies are facing difficulties to maintain their obligation to ensure the protection of the Syrian population. U...

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The US administration and the UN security council have moral responsibility toward Syria, despite the legal and political challenges the R2P faces that Assad is using the article 51 of the UN charter of self-defense and the veto act of the Russians and the Chinese for collective humanitarian intervention. The R2P’s obligation is the commitment to prevent “war crime” and “ethnic cleansing”, Al Assad use of chemical weapons and the systematic repression against Sunni population makes him a war criminal, therefore, the international community is compelled to use its ultimate power to remove Assad, protect civilians through siege relief and other means, in pursuit of a war strategy that makes civilian well-being a core interest and promote a core political commitment to a pluralistic Syria where all groups and ethnicities, including the secular, share common rights.

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