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Resistors to Change Essay

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Resistors to the Change

Leadership is about change, but what reactions need to be taken if there are resistors for the change. In every organization there should be some employees who resist the change, but a smart leader is the one who try to come up with a list of resistors before applying the change and try to solve them. Some of the common resistors in most of the organizations are: lack of control, more work to be done and culture acceptance.
Going back to DG directorate and the two drivers of change mentioned above, there are many resistors that leaders could face. The first thing that leader needs to do when applying any change is the acceptance of change and the full understanding of the change and its benefit. If the leader passes this stage, then he needs to start thinking of the employees at work and how to explain to them and convince them with the change.
Looking at the first driver of change in DG which is employees’ skills, some of the resistors could be:
• Top management could resist the change because it will cost more money to provide current employees at DG with more training courses. Because there isn’t much activities going on in DG in the last 2 years other than the SDIR, finance had cut the budget and now it will be difficult to try to raise the budget again.
• Insufficient communication could be another resistor. The leader could explain for his team why they need to attend more training courses, the benefit of gaining more information and how it will affect the directorate. Or he could go to the simple way which is giving instruction to the team and that is all. This all depend up on the style of the leadership. This could be a resistor because in DG, employees get used to work in an environment tha...

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