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Resistance Training Program Essay

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Director, thank you for the opportunity to provide recommendations for the facility’s new Resistance Training Program. This is sure to be a great addition to our current walking program and will be an opportunity for the residence to progress even further. There is compelling evidence of these type programs being used and their effectiveness with the population of our residence. (Haggis 2013) Adding this aspect to our current offerings may appeal to other residence who may not be participating in the walking program and keep them from being further inactive. Adding these programs, will assist preventing many of the conditions that further threaten their self-sufficiency and chronic conditions. (Batt 2013) While the fitness program will not be the sole determining factor in their lives (Haggis 2013) it will serve as an effective prevention strategy (Rose 2011) and have a sustainable impact on their lives. (Haggis 2013)

The main focus of the group program needs to be on their daily functionality as well as fall prevention. There are currently numerous bodies of research and evidence regarding targeted balance and mobility, however there are few that truly concentrate and approach the group-based exercise programs for these issues. (Rose 2011) Yet, I truly believe we will be fully capable of accomplishing the objective here with our current inventory dumbbells and elastic bands. However, I believe we it will be necessary to take some preliminary steps with the program. We may begin with the current walking programs participants and determine who may want to also training in the new class. We may also have them speak with fellow residence to help encourage others to participate in this new class as well. Additionally, we will ...

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