Essay on Resistance to Change in the Workplace

Essay on Resistance to Change in the Workplace

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Understanding and Coping with Change:
Change is a process that occurs everywhere though many people are generally reluctant to embrace the concept. One of the major reasons for difficulties in accepting or embracing change is that humans are creatures of habit and adhere to daily routines. Consequently, when change occurs, people’s activities and thought patterns are interrupted. While understanding and coping with change is an important part of daily life, embracing the concept is relatively a difficult process for many people. Actually, this process is characterized by resistance to change due to internal and external factors. Some of the major reasons why individuals are resistant to change include self-interest, lack of trust in management, lack of understanding, low tolerance for change, and varying assessments of the need for change. Regardless of whether the resistance is fueled by internal or external factors, individuals need to develop an appropriate plan for overcoming that resistance and embracing the concept.
A Situation involving Resistance to Change:
Human beings have a tendency to resist change even when the change contributes to growth and development, increased productivity, and greater efficiency (Baker, 1989, p.53). In most cases, resistance to change occurs in the workplace because changes in an organization affect the individuals within the organization. Moreover, individuals within an organization resist change because of fear of unknown based on the potential impact of the change on their job performance, relationship with co-workers, and other job related issues.
An example of a situation involving resistance to change in the workplace is a recent scenario at a community based organization that ...

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...ess. Generally, the most successful incidents of introducing change are characterized by going through a series of phases that require a significant period of time (Kotter, 1995, p.59). This implies that the organization’s management should apply these stages carefully and take as much time as possible.
In conclusion, resistance to change is usually brought by internal and external factors that contribute to difficulties in embracing the concept. Employees tend to resist change even if it will contribute to better working conditions and improved organizational productivity. As evident in the scenario at the community based organization, some major examples of internal factors that lead to resistance to change include uncertainty and concern over personal loss. The most effective plan for overcoming the resistance requires the use of Kotter’s theory for change.

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