Resistance Of Change Within An Organization Essay

Resistance Of Change Within An Organization Essay

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Resistance to Change
There are many factors that contribute to the lack of a successful implementation of a change within an organization. Resistance to change has the biggest effect on an organization. Resistance to change harms an organization’s progress, and leads to complications in implementing any type of change within an organization. While change and resistance to change will be analyzed in many different ways, simply put, the resistance to change will be the number problem when an organization attempts to change something, and some resistance can “poison” the whole process (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2006, Pg. 145).
Positive Change
Organizations will always experience a resistance to change. An organization should not dwell on the negative of the resistance, but rather focus on the positive aspects of the change. There are many factors and possible outcomes to change that cause a positive reaction to change. These factors are job security, money, authority, status, increased responsibility, improved working conditions, time and effort, self-satisfaction, and personal contacts. Changes in the organization can increase demand for workers with a particular set of skills while providing them with job security and the prospect of career advancement. Money can often cause a resistance to change, but it may also result in an increase in wages and lead to less resistance. Changes within the organization can result in promotions for certain job skills or add additional decision-making responsibilities based on employee performance. Some changes in the organization can result in changes of title, assignments, etc. Responsibility may be increased, which can lead to delegation of new tasks to employees. The work environment m...

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...of the changes are in use every day. Employees become more comfortable with the new process and confidence in the change increases daily. Without a refreeze, employees will fall in a transition whereas they are not sure how task are supposed to take place, never reaching their full capacity. Future changes become more difficult. Most important during the refreeze process, celebrate the success of change as this helps employees find closure.
Resistance to change is a concern for those responsible for the management of change. It is important for management not to ignore the reasons people have for supporting the change. Not every employee will resist change. Learning how to deal with resistance to implementation is something that leaders will have to learn how to handle accordingly to their unique situation (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2006, Pg. 167).

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