Resin Composite Restorations as a Choice for Filling Materials Essay

Resin Composite Restorations as a Choice for Filling Materials Essay

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Resin composite restorations are becoming have had a significant increase in popularity over the last few decades, and have become the patient’s preferred choice in filling material, due mainly due to their enhanced esthetics when compared to other restorations, as well as their ever-increasing durability. These factors have led to a large increase in demand from patients.1 As patient demand for this restorative material increases, so too do patient expectations for comfort and longevity in these restorations. An idyllic filling material would combine these effects with a perfect marginal seal, leaving no gap between the tooth structure and the restoration.2
According to a study by Stockton et al., “Imperfect bonding leaves a microscopic gap that allows the infiltration of bacteria, fluids, molecules and ions between the restoration and the tooth structure, commonly referred to as micro-leakage.”2 This gap is created by way of composite shrinkage during the process of polymerization, or “from mismatches between either the coefficients of thermal expansion of the tooth and the composite or between the elastic moduli of the tooth and the composite.”2 Most composite restorations will result in some level of micro-leakage, however the pulp of the tooth can withstand a small amount of leakage and remove the ions and fluid that make it through by way of the tooth’s own blood flow. If the leakage is significant enough, however, sensitivity, marginal discoloration3, and secondary caries can result, leading to possible failure of the restoration.2,
As previously stated, micro-leakage is mainly caused by shrinkage of the composite during polymerization. Bulk curing of composite results in a greater leve...

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