Resilient Sacramento: An Overview of the City Essay

Resilient Sacramento: An Overview of the City Essay

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Sacramento is a big city and is the capital of California. It is the home to seven school districts as well as two universities: University of California, Davis and California State University, Sacramento. Sacramento is in the valley of California so it has many farmers with farmland and suburban areas. The reason that I have chosen Sacramento is because that is where I grew up for most of my life. It is a great city and has a lot of interesting places within. By choosing to write about Sacramento, it will give me the opportunity to learn more about where I lived, which is really important. Getting to know your surroundings is one of the starting tools to becoming more sustainable.
It was surprised to find out that Sacramento has a low resiliency. According to the research at UC Berkeley, Sacramento is ranked 235 out of 361 with a resilience score of -0.17 (RCI Ranking). The reason that I was surprised was because I never thought Sacramento would be in danger of flooding or other natural disasters, but that is not the only thing that cities need resiliency from. Climate change affects the whole world, which means it affects every city, including Sacramento. “While the headlines tend to focus on large-scale climate change impacts, the Sacramento region can expect many negative impacts that affect our health, economy, environment, and quality of life” (Greene). When most people think about climate change, they usually think globally, and don’t realize that climate change affects them also.
As mention before by Larry Greene, climate change will affect Sacramento in various ways. Because of the high temperatures due to climate change, the air in Sacramento will be really hot and dry. This will cause asthma cases to rise which is...

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...s stops added. There should be a bus stop with walking distance of each neighborhood. All of these implementations will not be cheap; but if we want more resilient cities, if Sacramento wants to be more resilient, these changes must be made.

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