Resilience : Resilience For Health Care Consumers And Health Professionals

Resilience : Resilience For Health Care Consumers And Health Professionals

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HLSC111 – Resilience Essay
Discuss the concept of resilience, including factors that contribute to resilience for health care consumers and health professionals.
This essay will discuss the concept of resilience and include factors that contribute to resilience for health care consumers and health professionals. Resilience can be simply defined as the ability to adapt well. It is a quality that has been studied and researched to decide whether it’s achievable by anyone or if people are simply born with it. It has been discovered that it is a quality that takes time and circumstance to fully develop. People’s ability to be resilient and develop this quality is affected by environment, social and family factors. Research has shown that some level of resilience is natural and most people can commonly demonstrate resilience. (APA, 2016). It is important for health care professionals to obtain and develop resilience in order to promote resilience in their patients. Different techniques and strategies can be put in place in order to promote the development of resilience and therefore improve the overall outcome of the patient.
Resilient people have qualities such as being able to adapt, manage stress, the ability to bounce back and regulate emotions (, 2016). Resilient people are also optimistic and have a positive outlook, which allows them to see failure as helpful feedback and to grow through stress and adversity. Some forms of adversity can be workplace or financial worries, family and relationship issues and even family members or themselves struggling with any health problems and mental health issues (Wayne Weiten, 2012). Resilient people are able to work through these problems and adapt in a healthy way to pursue ...

... middle of paper ... support them and be part of their care (Christakis2, 2008). This reduces vulnerability and risk and overall increases the chance of a positive patient outcome.
In summary, resilience is ‘the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape’ or ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.’ (Cooper, 2013) The psychological component of resilience enables people to maintain their mental health and well-being when faced with adversity. This quality is developed over time and allows people to heal not only mentally but physically and emotionally. It’s important for healthcare professionals to have resilience in order for them to encourage and help develop resilience in their patients. Understanding the concept of resilience is important for the healthcare system and professionals and can be an integral part of patients care and improvement.

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