Essay about Resilience Of The Health Care Environment

Essay about Resilience Of The Health Care Environment

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Resilience is the individual 's ability to overcome adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or stress such as family problems, relationship downfalls, health problems, workplace conflicts or financial issues. It can also help open up new experiences, help people connect with one another, persist, success and help expand horizons. Resilience in health care environment enables you to preserve patients safety. (Glass, N. (2010) resilience is the process of effectively negotiating, adapting to, or managing significant sources of stress or trauma. (Windle 2011)

There are three different types of resilience: natural which is innate from birth, adaptive which is installed over time as a result of experiences and circumstances and restored which is learnt over time and thus helping with the past, present and future trauma presentation. Everyone is born with innate resilience, however, experiences and circumstances such as trauma, abuse, stress etc. allow for adaptive and restored resilience to a surface.

Resilience is the capacity to not only survive life 's challenges but to learn and grow from them and become stronger as a result of such challenges. (Luthar, Cicchetti & becker.2000) Resilience involves complex processes of interrelated risk and protective factors. Some protective factors or qualities that contribute to resilience are motivation, experience (e.g. in a health care setting this can include dealing with death of patients, and pressure and stress from patients family), faith, personality, expectations, beliefs, self-esteem, optimism and confidence and these also include such things as positive relationships with family, friends, co-workers, significant o...

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...ined as a physiological condition, resulting in mental or physical energy depletion due to chronic unrelieved job-related stress and ineffective coping strategies e.g. maladaptive coping mechanism (Edward & Hercelinskyj, 2007 p.240)

In conclusion, resilience plays a big part in our lives as it helps us bounce back from adversity, overcome obstacles, recover from a crisis, trauma, tragedy, threats and stress, which results in burning out it can also help by opening up new experiences, connect, persist, succeed and expanding horizons. Resilience enables you to preserve patient 's safety as it helps you deal with stress that could lead to making mistakes and errors as a healthcare professional. Everyone is born with innate resilience but studies show that experiences and circumstance can allow adaptive and restored resilience to surface within and individual or groups.

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