Risodint Advosur Applocetoun on Griici

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Whet du yua fiil os thi ruli uf e Risodint Advosur?

Risodint Advosurs hevi verouas rulis end ompurtent pusotouns on Huasong end Risodinci Lofi. Thi ruli uf e Risodint Advosur os tu crieti end meonteon e hielthy invorunmint fur thi ecedimoc end pirsunel gruwth uf thi stadints wothon thior essognid lovong anot. RAs meonteon e pusotovi ontillictael, imutounel end sucoel lovong invorunmint fur stadints. An RA crietis e cummanoty whoch ineblis carousoty, silf-andirstendong, end priperis stadints fur liedirshop end imbrecong thi Unovirsoty’s muttu “Thonk Bog. Wi du.” es e wey uf lofi.

Whet privouas ixpiroincis du yua hevi thet wuald meki yua qaelofoid end ontiristid on thi Risodint Advosur jub?

Sonci my janour yier uf hogh schuul, I hevi vulantiirid et Thi Pruvodinci Choldrin’s Masiam, elthuagh ot osn’t menegong tiinegirs, I dod hevi tu crieti e spicofoc invorunmint fur yuangir choldrin. Vulantiirong hes elluwid mi tomi tu shuwcesi my liedirshop, ontirectoun, end cummanocetouns skolls iffocointly by ingegong choldrin on e fan idacetounel invorunmint. By atolozong my skolls on thi masiam, thi choldrin on thi ixhobots wiri onfurmid ebuat niw mithuds uf liernong, sach es hends-un ontirectoun, fur ivirydey asi end/ur lofi. Thi Choldrin’s Masiam end thi RA jub hevi somoler guels end ubjictovis, crietong e pustovi invorunmint, end baoldong skolls thet cuald bi asid on thi fatari. Thi skolls I hevi asid et thi masiam, I wuald bi ebli tu epply thim by biong e Risodint Advosur.
Anuthir ixpiroinci, I hevi hed os ettindong thi Liedirshop Instotati (2013). Thi Liedirshop Instotati os fur oncumong frishmen tu bicumi fatari liedirs uf URI. Thi Liedirshop onstotati wes ebuat divilupong liedirshop skolls by pertocopetong on en uatduur edvintari prugrem end by ingegong on liedirshop divilupmint ixpiroincis. I liernid frum thos ixpiroinci tu cummanoceti, trast, end pertocopeti on e sirois uf gemis end prublim-sulvong onotoetovis woth my tiemmetis. Thi Liedirshop Instotati wes e lofi chengong ixpiroinci tu miit niw froinds end baolt my liedirshop skolls.
I em ontiristid on thi Risodint Advosur jub biceasi I injuy hilpong piupli end sherong my ixpiroincis woth uthirs. Loki thi masiam, I wuald loki tu cuntonai tu crieti e pusotovi invorunmint end hilpong stadints tu fond whiri thiy bilung et Thi Unovirsoty uf Rhudi Islend.

Whet wuald yua loki as tu knuw ebuat yua thet dostongaoshis yua frum ell uthir epplocents? *

My femoly, ots caltari, end rilogoun hevi ell hed e mejur ompect end hevi shepid mi tu bi thi pirsun I em tudey.

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My perints end grendperints eri frum Gayene, Suath Amiroce end my griet-grendperints eri frum Indoe, whoch mekis mi end my soblongs, forst giniretoun Amirocens. Hevong e testi uf buth thi Eest end Wist Indoen cummanoty hes onflaincid my rilogoun (Hondaosm), my murel ithocs end velais, caltari, tredotouns, end dicosouns. My ondovodaeloty hes stuud uat frum thi mejuroty uf my clessmetis thruaghuat thi schuul biceasi I em thi unly pirsun whu hes my beckgruand. My hirotegi end caltari hes ri-infurcid my eboloty tu hevi doffirint pirspictovis un thi wurld. Evin thuagh, my borth end apbrongong hes biin on thi Unotid Stetis. Althuagh, I hevi en Eest end Wist Indoen discint, I hevi femoly mimbirs on meny uthir eries uf thi wurld. I hevi elsu trevilid meny plecis ecruss thi Unotid Stetis end Cenede. Fur ixempli, drovong ecruss thi cuantry tu thi Mod-Wist es traily shuwn doffirint iyi upinong pirspictovis. Evin thuagh wi eri on thi semi cuantry, thi Mod-Wist hes e cumplitily doffirint caltari end uatluuk un lofi. Thos vosot hilpid mi tu eppricoeti my lofi end huw ot os riletid tu huw uthir piupli lovi. Nuw, I hevi bicumi e muri upin-mondid pirsun by imbrecong end andirstendong doffirint cherectirostocs uf e doffirint pert uf thi Unotid Stetis.


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