The Research Will Deliver Impact By Means Of Its Three Aspects Essays

The Research Will Deliver Impact By Means Of Its Three Aspects Essays

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The research will deliver impact by means of its three aspects:
(1) Improved grinding performance by improved material removal, longer lasting tool life and reduced thermal damage resulting from improved coolant delivery in cutting zone, through the application of micro EDM patterning and dressing to the metal bonded diamond grinding wheel,
(2) Achieving high quality ground surfaces with an acceptable surface roughness and surface integrity for difficult to cut materials,
(3) Knowledge generated in the field of material removal mechanism of grinding, effective pattern design, micro EDM dressing of metal bonded diamond wheel contributes to
i) a deeper understanding of micro EDM patterning and dressing method,
ii) an understanding of theory of material removal and mechanics during interaction between grits, workpiece, and electrical discharge,
iii) the opening up new potential applications of metal bonded grinding wheels in the manufacturing industry.
Research impact will be achieved through different channels for each aspect. The PI has already targeted sectors requiring metal bonded grinding wheels, for example, a) grinding alloys and ceramic parts for engine components, b) grinding car glasses, c) grinding composite materials required in aerospace, automotive and energy sectors, d) precision grinding of tungsten carbide, glass and ceramics in hip and dental prostheses. The PI will expand on this by targeting companies such as:
Rolls-Royce who be contacted to discuss the potential benefit of grinding with patterned metal bonded grinding application in their turbines to explore opportunities to contribute to the proposed research.
Neuteq micro finishing technique ltd to share the advances in the project and discuss the ap...

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...ities to share the research results with the best scientists and researchers in the field of precision manufacturing and engineering.
Attending these events will allow the PI to share the ideas and research findings, which is expected to lead to future collaboration which will target the EU funding routes.
In addition to publication via journal and conferences, the PI will target publication through mechanical and manufacturing engineering magazines (Engineering magazine, MWP Advanced Manufacturing magazine, Manufacturing Engineering magazine by SME, and Micro Manufacturing magazine).This will play an important role in dissemination of the advances to industrial uses who may have limited access to the above journals and conference.
To fund the dissemination activities, the PI has requested funding in the region of £5500, see justification of resources for details.

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