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When news reports, blogs, or magazines report findings of a research study, they usually lack in providing the audience with an accurate or complete understanding of the studies methodologies or even sometimes the real or actual findings of the study. The New York magazine introduced “Science of us” as its new online category for presenting research findings in areas such as psychology, sociology, genetics, and other science field areas to a wider audience. On December 4, 2014 science of us posted the findings of a study that focused on the relationship between the frequencies of checking emails on well-being. Although the magazine reported the overall findings of the study it did not provide a complete and accurate coverage of the research study since, it did not accurately mention the samples size, limitations of the study, and also made a causal claim when in fact there was none.
The report of the research finding in the magazine is extremely short meaning, the magazine only focused on the conclusions of the study rather than how or whom the study was conducted on. Due to this, the report completely ignored the sample size of the study and referred to it as “a group of workers” (Singal, 2014) which does not reveal anything about the sample size, the participants’ age, the professions of the participants etc. In the original study the sample size was 124 participants with the average age of 30 and whom 67% of them were women (Kushlev & Dunn, 2015). Not only these but two-thirds of the participants were either graduate or undergraduate students and the rest were community members with professions ranging from secretary to medical doctors (Kushlev & Dunn, 2015). An important issue with not mentioning these things is that in the o...

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...en one of these participants who heavily relays on emails and their profession requires them to have constant contact with emails there level of stress actually increases in the limited condition rather than decrease. Therefore the magazine failed to mention how institutions actually impact individuals’ frequency of checking emails.
In conclusion although the magazine is intended for a general audience and it does try to use a language that is understandable among all types of people who have different educational levels, it is important to keep and include critical aspects of the original study such as the sample size that was observed and limitations of the study. False causal claims should not be mentioned either since it can create misunderstanding among the reads. Overall, the magazine did not provide an accurate and complete coverage of the original study.

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