Research Study : Exercise Program For Nursing Home Residents With Alzheimer 's Disease

Research Study : Exercise Program For Nursing Home Residents With Alzheimer 's Disease

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Group Quantitative Critique
This critique analyzes the research study, “Exercise Program for Nursing Home Residents with Alzheimer’s Disease: A 1-Year Randomized, Controlled Trial”, by
Rolland, Pillard, Klapouszczak, Reynish, Thomas, Andrieu, Riviere, and Vellas (2007). The elements of this study that were critiqued are the research question, hypothesis, study variables, literature review, population and sample, ethical issues, procedures for data collection and analysis, and findings and conclusions. Finally, a synthesis of the studies will be included.
First, the research question, hypothesis, and study variables were critiqued. The research question the authors aimed to answer is, what is the effectiveness of an exercise program for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in nursing homes in increasing capability of performing activities of daily living (ADLs), nutritional status, physical performance, and decreasing depression and behavioral disturbance when compared to no exercise program. The authors hypothesized that an exercise regimen could “improve physical performance and nutritional status and reduce psychological disturbance” (Rolland et al, 2007). After analyzing the research study, a theoretical framework for the research was unable to be determined and it was concluded that one was not used by the researchers for this study. The independent variable, the variable being manipulated or presumed cause is the exercise program. The dependent variables, or the measured responses or presumed effect were performance of ADLs, behavior disturbances, nutrition outcome, depression and physical performance. The change in the dependent variables was determined by how exercise or no exercise affected them.
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...on group than compared to the control group. The conclusion, that in individuals with AD that live in nursing homes a twice weekly exercise session can slow the rate at which the ability to perform ADLs deteriorates, is supported by the major findings of the study. This study was able to show the benefits of an exercise program in retaining capability to perform ADLs and improving physical performance when compared to no exercise. It also showed that there was no effectiveness of an exercise program on improving nutritional status or decreasing depression or behavioral disturbances. The results of the study gave insight to the benefits of exercise in patients with AD in nursing homes. The knowledge of these benefits gives caregivers the ability to perform evidence based practice when encouraging exercise and implementing exercise interventions in patients with AD.

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