Research Study : A Lab Experiment

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There are many different types of studies that one can do to test a certain group, or individual for results of different drugs, or diets. If I was conducting a research study I would conduct a lab experiment because, I could get the most accurate results even though, a case study is most commonly used in psychology. The validity of a case study is very strong, as well. For example, we have all heard of Sigmund Freud. Sigmund conducted a lot of case studies and they are well known. Furthermore, There are many strengths and weaknesses to a lab experiment. One advantage is the researcher can control the study better in a lab setting. In addition, some disadvantages of doing a lab experiment is that the results may not always be applied to the real world, the results may also, only apply to one situation, and the experiment may be difficult to be done again. Next, if I would do a research study I would do a weight loss one because, obesity of the people of America is astonishing to me. Many children now a days are being influenced by video games they play on their electronics. For e...
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